21 Years of HR Excellence 

Moving your business forward

We have a range of HR services and advice to make the most of people management and allow you to focus on growing your business. Using a flexible approach, we will tailor a human resources support package to suit your needs.

From fractional HR Director support to project-specific advice, we bring 21 years of HR excellence gained through extensive experience in the logistics, manufacturing, engineering and aviation industries.

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How do you know if your business is ready for a HR Consultant?

It’s likely that when you start your business you will wear all the hats. But as your team grows it becomes harder to juggle all of the responsibilities.

The goal of having a team around you is to save you time so that you can focus on what you do best!

But without clear processes in place for managing your team, you will find yourself with even less time.

Signs that you might need some HR support include:
  • Downloading important HR templates like contracts and policies from the internet or use makeshift ones from previous jobs you’ve had.


  • If you’re growing your business you want someone in your corner to help you make important decisions about your team as well as make sure that you are compliant with employment legislation.

As your HR Consultant we can help you:-

  • Scale your business: by providing contract templates and policies that fit your business as well as simple processes that will help grow your business easily.


  • Handle difficult conversations: difficult conversations are unavoidable when managing a team. Having someone you trust to guide you through these, ensure fairness and make sure you’re not at risk can help you manage tough situations quickly and effectively.


  • Get the best from your team: helping you identify ways you can improve motivation, productivity and performance of your team members. And most importantly, ensuring everyone has accountability so you can trust that everyone is working to achieve the same goals.


  • Provide Board/Senior Leadership Team Advice: when you’ve grown and need HR support at a more senior strategic level, have someone by your side who can be your critical friend.
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HR for SME's

We offer outsourced HR services for all of your HR needs. We provide practical HR advice and keep you in line with employment law, leaving you with more time on your hands to focus on running your business.

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New Company Start-up & Scale-up

We can set your people processes up quickly and help you to attract the right staff to get you hiring. Right from the start, we are thinking about culture, attraction and the retention of the people you hire.

So whether it’s HR policies, a handbook, an induction programme, recruitment, or a full People Strategy; we have the tools and experience to make your start-up or scale-up as straightforward as possible.

Cost Reduction & Restructuring

Our clients need us just as much when they are going through tough times. We have led many industry downsizing efforts. Our ultimate aim is to ensure when times are tough that staff are communicated with openly and honestly and treated with dignity and respect. We will always work with you to look at ways of reducing costs over and above headcount reduction. We project manage change and support you through difficult times so you are not alone.

We support you in the most commercially affordable way we can. Working with trade unions where required, we aim to make the process as sensitive and smooth as possible for everyone involved. We proactively offer to use our associate network to try and support impacted individuals, be that with other opportunities or career coaching and outplacement.

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Outplacement support

Outplacement, also sometimes known as career transition support from Progress HR allows you to offer your people a positive experience to the end of their time with your organisation. And for those individuals, our outplacement support prepares them well for exploring the next stages in their careers.

Organisational Design and Change Management

To prevent your managers fire-fighting on a daily basis, we need to ensure that you have an effective Operating Model which is reflected in the organisational structure. This structure should be built around how work flows through the company.

Change Management comes in various forms whether it’s a new way of working, a company restructure, merger, or TUPE sale or acquisition process – ensuring that the change is managed seamlessly.  We have strong experience of managing change projects across multiple sectors and multi-site environments.

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Reward (Compensation and Benefits)

We can ensure your business is  competitive in the marketplace and can support you with the design and implementation of your Reward Strategy. We cover the breadth of the reward discipline from salary structure, benchmarking and pay audits & gender pay gap reports (where relevant). We also support executive pay and associated bonus and equity schemes. 

We care passionately about ensuring that your employees are motivated and retained through a fit-for-purpose reward structure and that both sets you apart from the competition as well as remaining affordable for you.  We can help you review your current benefits provider or support you putting new schemes in place.

Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is not new, but leaders are starting to recognise the importance of providing their employees with a Total Wellbeing framework within the workplace. 

Progress HR works with a simple Four Pillar Model that ensures that Mental & Emotional, Physical, Financial and Social Wellbeing are all addressed as part of your Wellbeing Strategy and ways of working.  

We look to engage everyone in your business including line managers and employees to integrate and embed wellbeing awareness as part of their day-to-day roles.

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Diversity and Inclusion

All organisations understand the value in creating a diverse workforce and being representative of the communities they serve. However getting there is a major transformation for many organisations. It's not just about policies and processes - it’s about your leaders, your practices, and your values working synergistically each and every day.  

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